Rhias (tura) wrote in phantom_airship,

Azuria's diary

Fortunately, I have never suffered from a fear of heights, had I been thus afflicted, this evening would certainly have turned out for the worse. Though it may seem unbelievable, a scant hour ago I was dangling beneath the Hyperion like a worm on a hook. Dr. Metier insisted that we rush to the rescue of a man wrongly (or so Metier claims) imprisoned. As the good doctor's arm continues to trouble him, the dangerous part of the work fell to me. Following a terrifying descent during which I was certain my lifeline would snap, I managed to breach the defenses of the tower in which the object of our quest was kept. Convincing the prisoner to take that entirely literal leap of faith was impossible, and I am rather ashamed to admit that with a veritable army of stout Russian gaurds fairly bursting into the room, I resorted to brute force to facilitate our exit. Our new friend is resting peacefully in one of the crew compartments now.
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