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The Aethernauts

New Adventure in a Golden Age

The Hyperion
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Introduction to the Hyperion:
I've decided to make this into an intimate roleplaying venue, for a few players.
This is a late Victorian/Jules Verne steam-punk setting, and much of the game will revolve around the airship "The Hyperion".

The Hyperion is 200 feet in length. She is a semi-rigid airship, sort of like the Graff Zeppelin, however she also has large engines and is faster and more manueverable than any other airship. Her lift is provided by an inert, lighter than air gas called Alestarium (named after it's inventor/discoverer the late Alestair Hardwycke). Only one living man knows all of the secrets of The Hyperion, Alestair's fellow scientist the enigmatic Frenchman Vincent Metier.
Several of the worlds governments would very much like to have a chat with him.

The ship requires a crew of six, which includes Vincent, Azuria Hardwycke (Alestair's widow), a mechanic, a pilot, a cook and a butler.

(Vincent, Azuria and The Cook are taken, others are up for grabs).

If you are interested in playing in this game, e-mail me at wickedaubergine@yahoo.com and tell me a little something about your character.