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Mad Russians?


Prince Murdered !
Chef Imprisoned by Angry Russians!

The headline was no more alarming than usual, but as Vincent sat in the dining room staring forlornly at a plate of raw fruit the word "Chef" caught his attention.

He had picked up the paper the previous night, when he had risked life and limb by clambering down the rope ladder to a rooftop from whence he managed to make his way to the street. Returning to the airship was equally dangerous, and the wound in Vincent's arm was bleeding again before Azuria helped him into the cargo hatch, it took both of them working together to haul up the basket containing fresh fruit, bread and a small winch that he had managed to purchase during his brief sojurn on the ground.

The Londinium article told the sad story of a young cook named Sexton Brummel who had been imprisoned after poisoning a foreign dignitary. A mad Russian Countess was somehow involved, and the end result was that Sexton was languishing in the Northwesternmost tower of some dreary ancestral manse while the British Government tried to decide what to do about the situation.

A photo taken shortly before the demise of the aforementioned dignitary sitting at a table laden with delicacies. Vincent's stomach growled as he looked at the photograph. Suddenly his eyes widened in recognition. He held the paper closer to his face as though to confirm something - and then dropped as though it were on fire. A moment later he was on the bridge steering the ship northward.
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